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✉ My booking email: MyBriannaSky@gmail.com

Please fill out the following form if you are interested in meeting me - I need to complete a minor screening process before our first date so at least a day's notice to do so is greatly appreciated! The information you provide will be kept in strictest confidence and will be discarded at the end of the process; with the exception of your contact information and preferences so that you do not need to repeat the screening process in the future.


If interested in arranging some time together please copy and then paste the below info into an email and send it to me at MyBriannaSky@gmail.com.


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PLEASE NOTE: Should you not have any references, don’t give up hope … read the information below for other screening options:  


If you do not have recent references please provide at least two of the following:  

- A copy of your driver's license

- A copy of your business card

- A company website link where you are clearly listed as an employee/owner/contractor etc.

- An email from your work email address (to prove that you own the email account)

- Specific instructions on how to verify you through contacting your place of work  


Please Note: We value your discretion and your discretionary needs so please provide specific details about any special communication needs you might have if the below options do not work for you:

1. You may reply to this email with attachments OR 

2. You can simply text images of your ID or business card to this email [if you have a data plan – simply put this email address where you would normally put the recipient’s phone number].